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Broadcasting the Good News

Driving down the road, I have my pick of Christian radio stations I can listen to, both for music and programming. It’s easy to take it for granted. Imagine living in a country which receives most of its news and entertainment from the radio, but the gospel is not permitted. Imagine living on a small island nation in which nearly the entire population adheres to a false religion and is kept from hearing about Jesus. Enter T and C.

Many years ago, this ministry couple followed God’s leading to develop a radio ministry on this island nation. It took years of hard work, prayer, and three Supreme court battles to attain one of the few licenses granted to CRM 7, also known as Kanali 7. Not only are they able to broadcast to the dominant religion of throughout the country, but also to the “near neighbors” to the north. Their very city, and nation, is divided by the occupation of Muslims from the north. Their desire is to make the “Good News” available in every car, in every house, and to every person on the island.

T, C, one other full-time staff member, and two part-time staff members work tirelessly to keep the station running 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Most stations their size would have at least eight or nine full-time staff. In partnership with Trans World Radio, the station broadcasts the reading of scripture nightly in three languages of the region. Listeners call in from over 110 villages to request resources like New Testaments and the Jesus Film. The Station serves as a gospel source as resources are sent to homes, but more importantly, listeners connect to an actual staff member who answers their questions and prays with them.

C is, “always looking for ways to point them to a personal relationship with God.”

Here are some of the things that struck us most about this couple and their ministry.

  • T and C are completely committed to this calling. They have invested their lives and resources to create a ministry that, in all reality, shouldn’t exist… except for God.

  • In their calling, this family daily exemplifies the New Testament charge to walk by faith. They depend upon God to supply for the financial needs of operating a radio station.

  • While radio is lessening in some parts of the world, here, it is the perfect medium to reach a nation with the good news. In Cyprus, radio is relevant.

  • Lives are being transformed as people hear the word of God. This station is the means for so many to hear the gospel clearly, often for the first time.

  • T and C’s commitment goes well beyond their radio ministry. They have been instrumental in the building up of the evangelical community throughout their country. They are beloved all over. It’s easy to see why. They both possess a graceful gentleness of spirit and a deep love for Jesus.

The regional director of Trans World radio stationed in this country spoke about the ministry of T and C in a side conversation. “This station is the most effective radio ministry in the entire region. We love partnering with them.”

Well, we love partnering with them as well. If you’d like to know more, or desire to support this ministry of sending out the gospel with prayer or finances, we’ love to connect you to this amazing partner.

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