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Coming Alongside Couples: Interested?

Updated: Nov 23, 2019

Have you reached that awkward place where you can't afford the time or money to buy a Christmas gift for every loved one and you'd rather give a family gift? Imagine knowing the gift you gave would be precious to each person, bless the whole family, and strengthen their home and the homes around them! You could do that for 1 of 46 unique families. They might just deserve a place on your gift list this year.

  • The Soura people live in a region of India where safety is a factor for Christians.

  • In the early 20th century a Canadian missionary shared the gospel among them.

  • God used the ministry of that early missionary to lay a foundation.

  • By the late 20th century a Bible translation in the Soura language was complete.

  • The Soura had little outside teaching or training following their early influencer.

  • Today, about 40 leaders serve this people group of over 200 thousand people.

  • Only 4 of the leaders have had any outside Bible training or teaching.

  • A Live Global national partner has been in relationship with the Soura leaders.

  • Live Global has been invited to come alongside the leaders of this people group.

  • We have been invited to connect with these leaders who are eager to partner.

In January 2020 the Soura leaders will come out of their fragile region to a city where they can safely gather. They'll join with other families for 3 days of fellowship, teaching about God's Design for Family, worship, rest, and prayer. For most, it will be their first experience of this kind and a rare treasure.

We (Jeff & Julie) have been asked to join in this retreat to cultivate a relationship with these partners who lead, along with another Live Global couple connected in this region. The two of us will provide Bible teaching for the adults and lay the groundwork for our relationship.

For each couple and their children to come to this first precious opportunity, it takes $245. That's a lot of money for family's in this region. This cost covers train travel to the gathering place, lodging, and meals. As gifts go, this family gift is guaranteed to be precious to each, bless the whole family, and strengthen their home and those around them in this people group seeking the true God in a region of darkness.

As partners to the Soura leaders, we are asking our friends to pray about putting a Soura family on your gift list. Would you consider coming alongside a leader to cover the cost of one family?

If God leads you to give a gift, please give at this link ($245 for a family's costs).

We are confident God is doing something great as He moves among this people group and connects them to resources helping them to reach their people with the Hope of the world.

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