• Jeff & Julie Sanders

Easing into the turn

It's not hard to drive in a straight line. Road and Track says, "It's when you throw corners into the mix that things start to get tricky." Approaching October, we knew a corner was coming. October was all about heading into a corner, beginning the turn from current ministry in Richland, WA to Live Global. We agree with RAT's advice that "Corner entry is all about braking."

Leading up to the corner that was October, we shifted from weeks of preparation to a month of moving forward. Actions included:

  • Complete communication pieces to share the Live Global vision & our part in it

  • Distribute a first wave of communication to friends, family, & contacts

  • Support our current global ministry in sending a family to a Live Global partner

  • Serve with friends in Missional Living in TN to communicate about M'y care

  • Learn about Live Global partnerships & begin communication ministry

  • Prepare our house for sale & pack to move into our "gift house"

Communication OF Live Global - We're excited to have communication pieces complete, in the hands of many, and spreading the word about our opportunity with Live Global. We met with multiple churches and many individuals, believing that God will build a team of praying and giving and going partners. God's providence was a gift to us, as we traveled back to Knoxville, TN as guests of Missional Living. An organization providing miss'y care during home assignments, we had the opportunity to speak about the importance of care for cross-cultural workers at their annual banquet. This weekend visit also gave us the chance to connect with multiple churches, including West Park Baptist Church, and many friends. We're grateful for the decision of West Park to join us as a supporting church!

Communication FOR Live Global - This month we began learning more about many partners around the world. From Eastern Europe to the Middle East and South Asia, God is doing great things and we have the privilege of contributing to the Live Global Communications team. Look for updates on our Live Global Facebook and Instagram sites, as well as our own.

Current Global Ministry - Jeff had the opportunity to go with a Bethel sent family, under his current role, to serve with Live Global partners in South Asia. Their week was filled with God's provision for new life and ministry there, even while we prepared to uproot our life and ministry here.

Corner Turning - Matthew 6:25-34 reassures us God knows what we need. For the past 4 1/2 years He's given us a home we've enjoyed so much. In October, He prompted a couple from our church to "gift us" the coming months in their rental home, just 2 miles away. Since God provided this house as we begin raising support, it was time to put our house up for sale, pack, and "turn a corner." We put the house up for sale October 14th and it was sold on the 16th! We move this weekend to the home God has provided.

We're easing into the turn as we gradually move from our current ministry into our ministry with Live Global and from this home into our next home. Our heavenly Father knows we need all these things (Matthew 6:32). To borrow the well chosen words of Live Global's partner Nenad in Croatia when their church recently turned a corner, "We rejoice like a small children and praise our Lord."

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