• Jeff & Julie Sanders

Global Gifts Make Way for Good News

We sit on the front row watching God give “good and perfect gifts” (James 1:17). There's so much to celebrate how earthly needs allow for God’s greatest gift to be offered and received. The prayers and giving of God's people and His Church play a vital part in making global gifts possible. Imagine an extraordinary and devastating desert storm sweeping through Upper Egypt. It leaves homes damaged and many without shelter. Rania gathered a team from the small community of believers, and they visited Majority communities with gifts of warm blankets. For Coptic Christian adherents unfamiliar with the personal God and the grace-filled Gospel, Rania was also able to give Bibles. The gift of God’s word. Because of the storm, once-clenched hands stretched wide open to receive help and encouragement. Pray for all the conversations yet to happen because of these gifts. Imagine high elevation villages of South Asia where Covid left day laborers without work. Having cultivated trusting relationships with the isolated communities, Pastor Philip understands the ripple effects of restrictions. While helping with relief supplies, Philip shared about the true God and His plan for all mankind. No one is beyond His reach or salvation. Many villagers who once bowed to idols now accept Jesus as their Savior. Philip was able to carry hundreds of Bibles as gifts for eager believers. Imagine each night when the Bible is read in three languages over the radio in the Mediterranean. The program ends by giving a phone number to call with questions. The number goes to Chyrsso’s phone, and she answers each night. One night, a lady from the city of Paphos called to say, “I am listening to your programs every day while going to work in the morning and coming back at night. I really enjoy them. I have the New Testament but now I want to read the Old Testament. How can I get one?” Chrysso was happy to send the woman the whole Bible. The Radio Ministry in Cyprus exists to ensure that listeners have access to God’s greatest gift of salvation. Imagine how poor nutrition and limited medical care make people vulnerable to disease in Southeast Asia. In the Philippines, Mark and Shoni have a passion to see Sikh and Sindhi people from India come to know the true God, not made by hands. To show the love of Jesus to families facing pandemic fears, this couple gave vitamins and health supplies to those in need. Fifty families gratefully received gifts from this husband and wife they’ve come to trust. The families opened their hearts to hear good tidings of great joy as Pastor Mark shared the gospel and spent time in prayer for them. The people experience the gift of God’s love through His people. Like Rania in Upper Egypt, Philip in South Asia, Chrysso in Cyprus, and Mark and Shoni in Manila, we are blessed by the gifts of God. He often gives His love to us through His people. “Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have,” Hebrews 13:16 says, “for such sacrifices are pleasing to God.” In 2021 we have been the receivers of so much goodness shared with us. Thank you for gifting us with your prayers, encouragement, and support to serve our national partners and the Live Global team. We pray your days will be full of the wonder of God’s gifts – good news of great joy for all people.

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