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God's perfect timing for transition

God’s timing is the best timing. We wondered if the timing of our re-location to a townhouse in Central Oregon was being thrown out of order by COVID-19. Scrambling to pack last things, rent our truck, and pray for help, the Governor’s notice of restrictions meant our window of time closed quickly. We made it to our new home in time for Stay at Home orders to go into effect.

While our old state and new state adjusted to restrictions, we unpacked boxes, got a reality check about our fix-it list, and set up our shared office. Coronavirus created delays in getting a new mattress, meeting neighbors, resolving internet issues, and stocking our pantry. Some days felt like our rushed relocation was rotten timing. But God’s timing is the best timing.

National partners and Live Global teammates were all experiencing their own waves of impact from the global pandemic. As the waves began to build, we were in place and able to help.

For team members, decisions and plans had to be made about evacuations and returns. Communication about needs for care moved to a higher level of “essential.” Our care team expanded our process, making sure people in motion were connected and cared for.

For national partners, information began to flood in related to impacts in each nation and region. Strategies formed responding to dire needs while wrapping care in Gospel messaging. Having arrived to our new “headquarters,” we set up “enough” to invest time and attention to gathering, processing, praying over, developing, and communicating needs from countries like Nepal, Spain, India, Bangladesh, Haiti, and Cuba. The quiet of lockdown became a blessing as we digested many needs we received and our responsibility in sharing them. God’s timing is the best timing.

This was the week we expected to be unloading the first boxes at our townhouse in Oregon. We expected to have just returned from overseas and have other travel itineraries booked and waiting. We expected to visit a local church, meet our neighbors, and go to Wal-Mart for random things we find we need. Like you, we never expected a pandemic. Thankfully, for everything there is a season. God knew this was a season when we needed to be moved in (enough) and set up (enough) to be available to fully engage in the work He has called us to. God’s timing is the best timing.

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