• Jeff & Julie Sanders

Heading Out with Hope for Families in One Name

From a sticky table in a European airport, you can watch the world go by. And we are.

Most rush past, some tired, some frantic, some confused, and some grieving. Today, news of global tension adds to the uncertainty of the day. A sick, worried crowd followed Jesus on a day when Matthew 12:21 reminds us that, “In his name the nations will put their hope.” All the nations can put all their hope in One name. His name.

In crossing borders and moving through time zones, the liberty to share this hope ebbs and flows and sometimes comes with a high price. Nearly 35 travel hours stand between us and accepting an invitation to serve national partners in South Asia, along with Live Global teammates in the region. We’ll meet up with American partners in a city of 30 million, before connecting with national leaders and their families.

Their request for this Vitality Retreat?

Hope for the family. What is God’s Design for Family? What does the Bible say, and what hope is there for walking in light when the darkness of their home region is deeply dark and ancient? Countless idols with names of their own entice the crowds of the sick and the worried in the places they call home.

More than 40 leaders will gather to look in the Word to see the hope, find encouragement as they gather, and prepare to return, believing, “In his name the nations will put their hope.”

God’s truth never goes out and comes back empty. We’ll be teaching:

  • God’s Design for the Family – Our Identity, Our Roles, God’s Bigger Design

  • God’s Design for Marriage – Pillars of a Holy Marriage, the Holy Work of the Husband, the Holy Work of the Wife, the Holy Work of a Marriage Memorial

  • God’s Design for Parenting – Our Identity, Who is the Child, Who is the Parent, How a Godly Parent Raises a Godly Child

  • God’s Design for Our Family – Our Family, Our Ministry, Our Family in Our Ministry, Our Ministry in Our Family, A Family Fully Yielded to Him, a Family Mission Statement

We will learn that “God uses His Truth in the Family to equip His Church to reach the world.” This teaching symbol and the hand motions that go with it will help us to reinforce this simple truth of how God uses families to bring hope to the world.

All the families in all the nations can put all their hope in One name. His name.

We are blessed to have American partners meeting us to serve national partners together. They took the teaching symbol and created beautiful, handmade wooden gifts for each household to display. They also made wooden puzzles for each family, so parents can teach their children about God's Design for Family.

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