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Praying Back to School Around the World

Families have never started a school year like this before. Most waited to see what their COVID-19 options would be, based on frequently changing national and local guidance. Decisions had to be made, Plan Bs had to be created, and expectations had to be adjusted. All the while, all parents hoped for the best for their children, but some feared the worst.

God uses the back to school burdens of parents to turn their hearts to Him in prayer.

This describes families globally as parents try to ensure students have the opportunity to safely receive an education. Some started back to school and found themselves changing plans. Others ended up in quarantine or preparing for unfamiliar formats. COVID-19 means school families have a lot in common. In Gospel destitute places, national partners have been sharing with us about the added challenges of learning in the Pandemic.


In Myanmar a faithful couple see hundreds of children they could serve in their predominantly Buddhist community. Most families deal with daily challenges of finding safe housing and adequate food. Technical devices and data are outside the realm of reality for them. As rainy season begins, creativity is essential. The national partners are committed to providing education for as many as they can with what they have. Now as the school year begins, they have one tree, five grownups (mostly volunteers), and room for twenty children. You can read their story here. They're praying God will supply resources to reach more than twenty children and a piece of land safe from rainy season flooding.


In Haiti our partner Pastor Predestin is getting My Father's House ready for a new school year. While isolation has kept most outsiders and COVID-19 from much movement in and out of the island nation in 2020, the school encounters double challenges. Political unrest + Pandemic uncertainty require the school to divide and double up in their approach to learning. We share here about the cost of creative problem solving so that children have access to education, meals, health monitoring, and safe spaces. They're praying for God to provide a double portion for the many needs of their plan to double up.


Some of the students who attend Apple Academy in Katmandu come on scholarships from remote villages and uneducated families. Creative staff and teachers have provided learning online, allowing students to gather around a shared cell phone screen and stay connected. Other students live at one of the five children's homes provided by Apple of God's Eyes, because they have been rescued from or at risk of child sex trafficking. Staff live with these children and provide as many learning opportunities as they can. Changing government guidance man national leaders Silvio, Rosmari and Mamata have needed to adjust and use every outlet possible for learning: online, radio, tv, home visits. Read about it here. They're praying God will supply a camera and laptop for producing online teaching to reach as many students as possible.


Read about how God's power is at work in Bangladesh, despite the lack of electricity. "There aren’t enough resources for families with many children whose parents are landless day laborers. Waves of turbulence have battered this already fragile region of Bangladesh in 2020. As Back to School season arrives, many feel powerless in the wake of COVID-19, Cyclone Amphan, and economic lockdowns." They are praying for God's power to provide for the weak and the weary where it looks impossible.

As a new school year begins during the Pandemic, families are praying. It's a time of opportunity, as God turns the hearts of parents to pray about the hopes, dreams, worries, and fears they have for their children and their education. As children try to go back to school in Gospel destitute places like Myanmar, Haiti, Nepal, and Bangladesh, God's power is at work as we pray!

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