• Jeff & Julie Sanders

Praying for North American Churches in COVID-19

As of July 2020, we are grateful God has connected us to three partner churches in North America. We pray that number will grow! These times present hard questions for fellowships committed to gathering and growing in the midst of COVID-19 restrictions. As we consider all the swirling challenges around us today, here are some ways we can and do pray for the Church in North America.

Look Up

Yes, these are “unprecedented” days. Can we still call them that? We are praying for the Church in North America to look up. Jesus is just as in control today as he was before the world closed all borders. Much of the New Testament is peppered with warnings and reminders of challenges that would oppress the church, whether natural disaster, political pressure, cultural demoralization, or persecution. Our challenge must be to look up to God and keep our perspective on eternal things.

“Heavenly Father, help our church to look to you, the Author and Finisher of our faith. Grant us hope, not fear, and the ability to trust you completely”

Build Up

Isn’t it interesting that when stresses surround us, we can tend to become defensive, angry, and even divisive, though we are the people of God? Now is the time for us as a church to focus on building up one another, being respectful and full of grace. Our words should be carefully seasoned and our deeds above reproach. Now is the time to treat all others as would Jesus Christ.

“Jesus help our church to honor all people. We want to love the brotherhood. We want to fear God. We want to honor the King.”

(1 Peter 2:17)

Move Out

With our own wellness and economic forecasts uncertain, it makes us feel like we should hunker down and take care of our own. That’s not how the early church responded to hardships and disease. They actually moved out forcefully to meet the needs of their surrounding community in “unprecedented” ways, ministering and serving at personal sacrifice and risk. Now is the perfect opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus to our neighbors, community, and national partners.

“Holy Spirit give our church leaders and members courage and insight in how to move out as your ambassadors to serve the needs of the people who are afraid, needy, and without Christ.”

When we think of partners, we think of national partners in the Nations, and we think of North American Church partners. We're praying with the times in mind, that God will use the Church to give hope in the midst of the challenges.

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