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Responding to Suffering: Sticks or Students?

Just this week two national partners shared how police offers are using sticks to respond to Coronavirus. People caught away from home or breaking curfews to find food or supplies are being beaten with sticks. As suffering has increased, desperate governments take actions to curb the spread of the Virus. Globally, it's a delicate balance between restricting movement to keep healthy people well and regulating movement that keeps communities supplied. One consequence has been the loss of learning opportunities for already vulnerable children. Whatever the approach to the threat of Virus, students are suffering.

  • Limits on movement of day laborers have resulted in no work, no pay, and no food.

  • Restrictions on groups and travel make it impossible for students to attend school.

  • Lack of technology and electricity make it hard for impoverished families to help children access online learning.

As people suffer, governments scramble to enforce safety measures and keep the needs of their next generation in mind. Children are precious to parents and communities around the world. The hearts of parents are open to those who will help their students.

While facing the hardships of COVID-19, parents are willing to sacrifice to meet the needs of their children. Psalm 127:3 (CSB) tells us children are a "heritage" from the Lord, a "reward." Other translations use the word "gift." Scripture bears witness of the love a mother has for a child (Isaiah 49:15, 1 Thessalonians 2:7). Since schooling and all its benefits have become so hard in so many places, this creates an open door for partners to meet a need felt by many families.

Resourceful partners are providing schooling for children in:

The same God who created the bonds between parents and children is using that love to create opportunities to learn about Hope in Christ. As students receive precious opportunities to learn from loving teachers and leaders with faith in Jesus Christ, communities see what His love looks like up close and personal.

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