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Something to Celebrate!

So thankful for technology that allowed us to be part of this event of a ministry close to our hearts. November 2020 marked the 20th anniversary of Partner ministry, Apple of God’s Eyes. It was twenty years ago a young Brazilian couple, Silvio and Rose, responded to God’s calling to minister to girls and boys sex trafficked from Nepal to India. Traveling with their pastor, they arrived in Katmandu with their personal luggage and a little cash from their home church and started House #1 with the arrival of the very first rescued girl.

Twenty years later, five homes are filled with rescued children, most expatriated from India. In addition, Apple of God’s Eyes operates a school open to the impoverished local community, launched multiple job and skill training venues, and uses medical clinic outreaches into the surrounding region.

Silvio and Rose reflected on the past two decades with deep emotions and gratitude to God for His constant provision and protection.

“Not one child ever went without a meal in these 20 years,” Silvio remarked. “God has always supplied our needs.”

What started as a single step of obedience grew into a beautiful multi-national gospel work changing the emotional and spiritual lives of thousands of rescued children, volunteers, Nepalese staff, and ministry partners around the world. Truly something to celebrate! Thank you, Jesus, for the ministry of Apple of God’s Eyes.

You can learn more at https://www.aogenepal.org/

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