• Jeff & Julie Sanders

The Awe-inspiring Acts of God's Provision

We’re having the gift of watching it snow. We never want to stop being amazed at such miracles. Sometimes we feel like we’re living and serving in a small space surrounded by big miracles. Like snowflakes, one alone is remarkable enough, but when they pile up, we’re in awe.

At the same time a coup began a cascade of violence in Myanmar, two trucks full of books for a ministry library in Tedim were arriving for Faith Baptist Bible College. The books reached their destination before total political and societal upheaval could keep them out. Read the remarkable story! We’re in awe.

The violence continues to escalate and partners are sending reports of the personal and ministry impact. See how to pray for suffering partners. In January we nurtured relationships with our new local church and joined a group for Mission Connexion Northwest. The fellowship and connection were answers to prayer. We also helped gather our Live Global team nationally and internationally for weekly learning sessions to strengthen our skills in serving national partners. What sweet times of fellowship! God gave us health and strength to complete the trainings before we were diagnosed with COVID several hours after the final session ended. God was merciful to hold back a heavier case of Coronavirus, and we have recovered. Persisting COVID conditions present opportunities to care for our team and communicate essentials for partners. In January, volunteers helped serve our team in practical, encouraging ways, delivering and sending kindness to teammates with extra needs. Another teammate departed for his on-site serving location in India. Jeff meets with D weekly to encourage him and pour into his life. Our "growing" team is a "growing" team. January brought news of unexpected increases in support commitments and one-time gifts for ministry needs. We never want to stop being amazed at such big miracles.

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