• Jeff & Julie Sanders

Transitions in Times of Global Pandemic

Wow! The last few weeks have been…heavy. In addition to the impact of a world-wide pandemic, we have personally been in a series of transitions.

We finished our ministry at Bethel church and were blessed by encouragement from fellow staff. That was just before everything started to close, including church services and office hours.

Then, we moved! We found a permanent location for our new "international HQ," and things moved fast. It was as if the Lord was scooting us into the new place just in time. We were so thankful for the months of living in a home Bethel friends provided for us. Now, we are in Redmond, Oregon, just 15 minutes down the road from our teacher daughter, JoHanna. Although it’s hard to be in a new city with few friends at this time, it has been a mutual blessing to be close to her. We've set up our shared office, and we're getting into a new rhythm.

From the distant views of Mt. Hood and Mt. Jefferson, the serious afflictions of COVID-19 seem distant. However, the news is full of information to the contrary, and we're reminded of this daily as we receive Live Global news from teammates and partners. This is especially true for many of our LG team members, whom we have been working to support and encourage. Several have been evacuated back to the US, needing temporary quarantine locations and then places to live until the coast is clear to return to international sites. Even more so, the impacts upon LG National Partners are worse. Many are in lock down in countries with poor medical care and limited access to food and fuel.

All of this is teaching us to practice what it means to “walk by faith, not by sight” in new ways.  It sure is easier to walk by sight, but thankfully we can totally rely on Christ’s promises, His plans, and His Power.

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